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When You Should Start Concrete Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is an important step for opening up an area on a wall for a door, window, or HVAC

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Four Big Reasons Why Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning is Essential

GPR concrete scanning is a method we use that discovers subsurface hazards through the use of ground penetrating radar, or

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The Main Differences Between Photoluminescence Lights and Traditional Emergency Lights

G&M Services offers plenty of photoluminescence lighting installations, which is a form of illumination that is used throughout buildings when there

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How Ground-Penetrating Radar Is Able to Detect What is Under the Ground

Ground-penetrating radar, otherwise known as GPR, can use radio waves to capture photos of what lies underneath various surface types.

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The Many Benefits of Pre-Pour Scanning for Concrete Cutting

While pouring concrete for newer buildings, future plans aren’t ever set in stone. Building owners can’t know everything tomorrow has

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How to Work Safely from Large Heights on Construction Sites

How would you know if your work suffered from extreme cases of vertigo? Or an unexpected fear of large heights?

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Why Your High-Rise Commercial Buildings Need Firestop Installations

One of the common causes of injury and death when a fire happens is smoke inhalation. Did you know that

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A Helpful Guide to Pipe Penetration Firestop: What Goes into It

G&M Services professionally installs some pipe penetration firestop all throughout our commercial buildings. Pipe penetration firestop provides you with a physical barrier

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Why Moisture and Thermal Protection is Essential in Commercial Buildings

We at G&M Services have a specific thermal and moisture protection department that specializes in building a tight envelope of moisture and

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What Goes into Curtain Wall Firestopping

Large towering skyscrapers and stunning architecture make cities across the United States look modern and majestic. However, it takes a plenty of

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