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Joint Firestop

Joint firestop systems are a crucial component of any property’s fire rated protection plan. They effectively prevent fires, gasses, and smoke from spreading through wall assemblies and/or spreading through spaces between or inside fire resistant floors.

What is Joint Firestop?

Joint firestop systems are carefully designed to provide protection from fire, smoke, and harmful gasses by preventing them from moving through the gaps created when floor assemblies and wall assemblies are joined. During the installation of plumbing, mechanical, and electrical items, it is common for breaches to be created, which fire could easily travel through. By installing the appropriate joint firestopping products, you can restore the fire-stopping assemblies’ hourly ratings that were breached during installation.

Why should I choose Firestop as my joint firestop contractor?

Firestop is a division of G&M Services and is an FM4991 approved firestop contractor. G&M services consists of G&M, which offers concrete coring, drilling, and sawing services, and Firestop, which installs a range of firestop products.

By combining these services, we are able to offer a one-stop-shop to our clients in order to get their desired job done correctly and efficiently. Our staff have over 25 years of experience and are required to continue their understanding of safe work practices by attending mandatory ongoing safety trainings.

At Firestop, we can ensure that your joint firestop system will comply with all safety regulations and standards and offer reliable protection to both your property, as well as people within the field, in the case of an emergency.

Firestop offers joint firestop services throughout the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Virginia markets.

At G&M Services, safety is not a goal, it is a requirement. It is important that firestop products are installed correctly to ensure that they will function correctly in the case of an emergency, so it is imperative to have the job handled by a reliable, dependable firestop company with significant joint firestop experience. Our Field Mechanics are highly trained and are able to solve problems at the job site as they arise, maximizing their efficiency and ensuring that the job is completed within established timelines. Our employees are also required to attend monthly safety trainings and are provided many other opportunities to continue their educations, including weekly Toolbox Talks where we share safety tips, frequent trainings on safe equipment usage practices, and employee incentives for good safety records that include bonuses on a quarterly and yearly basis.

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