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Concrete Grinding

With constant wear over time, any concrete surface can become uneven and irregular. G&M Services offers concrete grinding services that will smooth any uneven concrete surface into an even plane. Uneven concrete can cause raised defects in the floor, which creates a trip hazard and makes it impossible to lay a tile floor properly. Our concrete grinding company has the skill and experience needed to grind down your existing concrete into a smooth even plane that allows for the correct installation of tile flooring.

For over 25 years, G&M Services has been offering quality concrete grinding services throughout Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. We require that all of our employees are extensively trained to ensure that every job we complete is done with expertise. Our team strives to complete every job efficiently and always leave their job sites exactly as they found them.

While our prices may not always be the cheapest in the industry, they reflect the quality and level of safety that a project needs in order to get the job done correctly. We stand by our prices and do not tack on any additional upcharges. We honor the price we give you with no additional costs, unless a large and unforeseen issue arises.

What are the benefits of concrete grinding?

Concrete grinding quickly restores your concrete surface to a level and even area. Achieving a flat concrete surface requires precise skill and our team of concrete grinding experts have the experience to complete the job correctly.

A level subfloor is necessary if you plan on installing any kind of flooring that you want to last in the long term. Concrete grinding is an efficient and cost-effective method of restoring your concrete surface to where it needs to be.

Why should I choose G&M Services for my concrete grinding needs?

Our concrete grinding company uses a wet saw method that does not stir up dust, which prevents harmful dust from entering the air and compromising air quality. We care about the health and safety of our employees and others in the field, so nearly all of our services use dust-free methods. We can also provide the right tools for the job, whether it requires gas, diesel, hydraulic, or electric equipment. And with our experience and commitment to safety, you can trust G&M Services to complete your concrete grinding job expertly and efficiently.

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