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Ground-Penetrating Radar

Concrete Visions, LLC is a spin off of G&M Services, LLC. In 2002 G&M Services added GPR Scanning Services to our arsenal. In 2003 decided to form Concrete Visions, LLC. Since then we have been working together as a one stop shop to perform all our clients’ needs regarding GPR Scanning, Concrete Sawing & Drilling and Firestop in a safe manner with competent and knowledgeable staff. Our staff has over 25 years experience in the concrete sawing and drilling business.

Concrete Visions, LLC Offers the Following Services:

  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Scanning in Concrete to Locate the Following in Concrete Slabs
  • Rebar
  • Metal Conduit
  • Plastic Conduit (PVC)
  • Stress/Post Tension Cables
  • 24/7 Emergency GPR Scanning, Concrete Sawing and Drilling Projects

Concrete Visions, LLC concrete scanning services are so accurate that in 2010 we performed 6,800 scans with only 7 reported incidents. These statistics support our philosophy that the proper training of our field mechanics leads to better GPR accuracy for our clients.

Our Field Mechanics are Trained to:

  • Take Visual Surveys of their Surroundings in the Field to Help Identify Possible Obstructions
  • Observations when Possible, Can be Made Above and Below the Concrete Slab
  • GPR and How to Read the Scans Accurately
  • Plastic Conduit (PVC)

Why Choose GPR?

  • Real Time Results – After a GPR scan a field Mechanic can send it to their supervisor who will then clean up the images and forward them to their client and /or structural engineer for their review
  • No Radiation
  • Can scan up to 24″ – However, in most areas 16″- 18″ are scanned more accurately (images are visually clearer). Depth of scan is determined by how many targets are in the concrete slab
  • GPR is Safer than X-Ray- gives off less of a signal of a cell phone
  • GPR Scan can be performed on one side of a concrete slab

Call Concrete Visions, LLC Today at (410) 766-2210 to Learn More About Our Concrete GPR Scanning Services.

Join Our G&M Services, LLC, Firestop and Concrete Visions, LLC Lunch and Learn Sessions!

We believe educating our clients regarding the concrete services we provide is vital.

Our Lunch and Learns offer the Following Topics:

  • G&M Services, LLC Services – Core Drilling, Concrete Sawing, Flat Sawing, Road Sawing, Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing, Wire Sawing, Concrete Pour Back and Concrete Demolition
  • Firestop Services – Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing through Penetrations, Slab Edge Firestop, Curtain Wall Firestop, Head of Wall Firestop, and Joint Firestop Firestop Systems
  • Concrete Visions, LLC Services – GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Scanning in Concrete to Locate Rebar, Metal & Conduit, Stress/Post Tension Cables
  • Ways to Handle Projects
  • Estimating – How to Price for Our Concrete Cutting and Firestop Services – we will give you formulas and how to use them when estimating for small and large projects
  • Concrete Cutting and GPR Equipment Use and the Limitations

Call us today at (410) 787-8828 to learn more about our next Lunch and Learn.

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