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Concrete Cutting

Wall Sawing 1Using advanced concrete cutting equipment, we can complete your concrete cutting job accurately and efficiently, with minimal disruption. G&M Services offers concrete cutting services to clients throughout Maryland, D.C., Baltimore, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can trust G&M Services to cover any and all of your concrete cutting needs. Our highly trained Field Mechanics will arrive prepared to meet the needs of your unique job site, efficiently and accurately.

G&M Services consists of G&M, which does concrete cutting, and Firestop, a division of G&M that installs Firestop products. These combined companies allow us to provide a one-stop-shop for our clients to get the desired job done in a safe and efficient manner. With competent and knowledgeable staff who have over 25 years’ experience in the concrete sawing and drilling industry, you can trust G&M Services to get the job done right.

Concrete Cutting Services

Slab Sawing

Flat SawingAlso known as flat sawing, slab sawing evens out concrete surfaces by cutting off the topmost existing layer of concrete and leaving behind a level surface. Our track precision saws are controlled via remote and can cut up to 24” of thickness, compared to the 6” that one man with a hand saw is able to achieve. The applications for slab sawing are numerous, from repairing runways to repaving parking lots to preparing plumbing trenches: At G&M Services, we have done it all.

Wall Sawing

It requires great precision and skill to cut through horizontal and vertical concrete slabs, but our Field Mechanics have experience you can trust. If your concrete building needs new bay doors, window openings, ventilation, or any other opening, trust the wall sawing experts at G&M Services.

Wire Sawing

Where physical or logistical constraints make traditional saw cutting impossible, wire sawing is an available option. We know that it can be required when a material is too large or too tough for saw blades to penetrate or when space and time limitations prevent saw cutting from being feasible. Wire sawing is flexible enough to be used in small spaces and provides a cost-effective alternative when concrete sawing does not make sense.

Benefits of Concrete Cutting

Wall Sawing 2There are many reasons why concrete sawing is a better choice than traditional demolition:

  • Compared to traditional demolition, concrete cutting is a relatively quiet operation.
  • G&M Services uses a low-vibration sawing method that will not damage your building’s integrity.
  • Concrete dust contains silicosis, which is a known health hazard. Our concrete sawing company uses a wet method that is completely dust-free.
  • G&M Services specializes in concrete cutting of all kinds.

Whether you have a major outdoor job that requires a heavy-duty gas or diesel engine, or a smaller indoor project where an electric saw is required, we will bring in the right equipment for the work at hand.

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