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What is a Concrete Saw?

Deploying a concrete saw is a necessity for any concrete cutting project. Concrete cutting saws run on gasoline and pneumatic

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Avoiding Common Firestop Installation Mistakes

The installation of Firestop can serve as part of a fire protection system that is proven to help slow the

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FireStop Problems That Can Happen Inside of Commercial Buildings

Did you know that there are thousands of people who get injured, or even killed, because of structural fires every

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Signs Your Commercial Concrete Parking Lot Needs Repair or Demolition

Concrete is a sturdy and durable material that can stand the test of time for up to twenty years if

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Workplace Safety Review: Making Resolutions for 2021

As the new year approaches, people are taking proactive steps towards providing more safety in the workplace. In fact, there

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How Does Ice Melt Affect Concrete?

Many people wonder if ice melt can actually damage concrete. In fact, when it comes to ice melt, there are

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A Quick List of Tools You Need to Break Up Concrete

When it comes to breaking up concrete efficiently and effectively, there are only a certain amount of specific tools that

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Fighting That Falling Sensation: A How-To on Safely Working from Heights

How would you know if your workers suffered from vertigo? Or an unexpected fear of heights? That sensation is incredibly

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A Guide to Completing Concrete Work in the Cold

Completing concrete work in any weather can be complicated. Once it gets colder outside, though, the process can be even

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Safety Risks: Dealing with Concrete and Construction Work in Colder Weather

Here in the middle of November, it’s starting to get chilly outside. You might even encounter small amounts of snow.

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