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What to Do About Burnt Out Exit Lights

Every commercial or public service building needs to have exit lights. They must also be inspected and maintained because if

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Evaluating How Safe Your Workplace Is

Workplace safety is a hot topic. Keeping your employees as safe as possible is immensely important. Do what you can

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4 Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is much more important than you might think, at least at first. Uneven concrete can present a hazard

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Comparing Electric and Gas-Powered Saws

Part of sawing through concrete is finding the best tools for the job. When you are torn between choosing electric

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The Importance of Hard Hats on a Construction Project

Helmets have been used for hundreds of years in various forms for head protection, especially in warfare situations. In fact,

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A Primer on Concrete Grinding

Safety and function are key when it comes to concrete flooring. Irregularities in a floor can cause safety risks and

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The Basics of Concrete Grinding

Grinding through concrete can be a messy, dirty, and dangerous job. That doesn’t mean that it should be avoided. By

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Finding Rain Damage in Your Concrete

You might not think it is possible, but rain can damage concrete. Cement is incredibly durable, think about it –

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Considering the Tensile Strength of Concrete

You might know the tensile strength of water. But everything has a tensile strength, including concrete. By calculating what that

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3 Questions About Concrete Rebar

On any job site, your workers are going to find rebar. The rebar used in concrete helps reinforces the structures

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