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Safe Driving in the Fall

Safe Driving

Buckle up, stay safe and take heed of the following tips to ensure safe driving while on the roads this fall.

The fall reveals a striking scene – the leaves change to a warm hue of orange and brown as they descend upon our landscapes. The evenings are shorter, but the evening bonfires roar longer and more enthusiastically. As wonderful as this scene is, though, the fall can lead to harsher driving conditions. What makes fall driving dangerous is its unpredictability. Weather can change from day to day, and from morning to evening, so drivers have to be more prepared for varying conditions. Buckle up, stay safe and take heed of the following tips to ensure that you remain safe while on the roads this fall.

Early Morning Frost

Early mornings are never fun and are just that tiny bit tougher during the fall. Leaving the warmth of one’s home on a gloomy, dark morning, with bleary eyes and warm coffee in hand may feel like a journey you’ve made a million times, but fall is a time to be more vigilant, especially when it comes to less visible patches of ice. Morning frost leaves hard-to-spot patches on the road, making both traction and safe driving more difficult. Mix frost with a sharp corner, and it makes for a potentially dangerous driving situation. Stay cautious around tree-lined roads, bridge crossings, and other places where shadows are cast over the street. As always, respect the speed limit, slow down before blind curves and look ahead for shaded areas with limited visibility. Let your car heat up and thaw the frost on the windows before you begin driving; it only takes an extra five minutes!

Fog and Leaves

Though seemingly harmless, fallen leaves can pose an element of danger for drivers. When wet, leaves become slippery and can reduce traction on the road. Leaves can also cover road paint, potholes, debris, and important signs. Fog makes for a pleasant view from an office window, but not from a vehicle. In low-lying areas, fog limits visibility, distance judgments, and depth perception. It’s common to hear about rear-end collisions in foggy conditions because drivers don’t always adjust their speed to account for reduced visibility. So, remember to stay wise and slow down, use extra caution and not overuse your headlights.

Prioritize Safe Driving with G&M Services

G&M Services is proud of our employees and the dedication they have for safety in the workplace. Our employees are also rewarded for positive safety practices. We incorporate weekly and monthly discussions and meeting to ensure that all involved are aware of how to handle equipment and potential situations that could occur during a project. G&M Services offers services in the way of concrete drilling and sawing, concrete scanning and Firestop. To get started with us, call today at 410-787-8828 or visit our contact page. Follow the official company page today on Google+FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.