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The Impact of FM4991 on Firestop Services

The Impact of FM4991 on Firestop Services

You have likely seen the terms “FM4991 approved” and “UL Qualified” when you’re researching possible firestop contractors.

If you are a contractor, building owner, or a facility engineer, you have plenty of work to do to make sure the structure you are working on is truly safe. Finding the correct qualified construction professionals is very important, especially for firestop work. You have likely seen the terms “FM4991 approved” and “UL Qualified” when you’re researching possible firestop contractors for your own construction job, but what exactly do they mean? These terms represent the accreditation and qualification programs for any firestop professionals. Choosing an FM4991 Approved and UL-Qualified Firestop Contractor is an excellent way to ensure high-quality results all for your own project. Read on to learn the impact of FM4991 on Firestop!

FM4991 and Firestop Contractors Association

FM4991 is a set of quality standards that the Firestop Contractors International Association develops in conjunction with all FM Approvals. This approval standard is a very highly detailed set of quality standards following some ISO series certifications designed to help ensure that Approved Contractors install optimal fire and other life-safety systems in your buildings. Contractors are able to achieve approval through a special accreditation program, which includes quality systems reviews, audits for job sites, and process analyses. Since its own inception, FM4991 has become a popular industry standards that various architectural firms and engineers require for their own projects.

UL Qualified Firestop Contracting Programs

You might have seen the “UL” logo on a lot of products that you use each day. UL operates the UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, which is designed to allow contractors to asses, demonstrate, and maintain their abilities to help follow the best practices and install a few firestop systems. Contractors have to pass many assessments and audits that help achieve a QL qualification.

Why UL Qualified and FM4991-Approved Contractors Are So Crucial

While the FM4991 Approval standard, as well as the UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, are different, they serve similar functions. Firestop contractors who are UL-qualified and approved can help show they are continually dedicated to upholding quality control standards well above the norm. Periodic assessments and auditing will help push professionals to redouble their overall commitment to quality and also evaluate processes for improvement. While decision-makers look for firestop contractors that they can count on, seeing the words “UL qualified” and “FM4991 approved” should provide a legitimate level of comfort knowing that the Firestop contractor has been evaluated by an outside third-party and has been given a stamp of approval from respected industry auditors. Lastly, these two programs serve the public because once they’re FM Approved or UL Qualified Firestop Contractor is used during the entire construction process, they can rest easy knowing their structure is one of the safest to purchase.

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