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Why Firestop Must be Installed in High-Rise Buildings

Why Firestop Must be Installed in High-Rise Buildings

Did you know that a high-rise building is labeled as a high-risk space in the event of a fire?

One of the most common causes of death and injury is when a fire happens, and smoke is inhaled. Did you know that a high-rise building is labeled as a high-risk space in the event of a fire? High-rise buildings require firestop installations in order to protect those inside and the building itself from dangerous fires that might end up deadly. This is because of the large height of these buildings. Since smoke rises, it can quickly fill up the space of the high-rise building before the occupants ever catch a glimpse of the fire. A firestop installation and other fire protection material installation features could help control the spread of potentially deadly smoke and fire outbreaks. Read on to learn why firestop must be installed in high-rise buildings!

Firestop Prevents Smoke from Rising

When a fire breaks out, smoke ascends swiftly in high-rise buildings, posing a serious threat as it begins to infiltrate higher levels. Unaware of the fire’s origin, occupants may inhale the smoke, potentially rendering them unconscious before they even realize a fire has started. However, with firestop installations, you can establish a robust barrier between floors, effectively controlling the perilous spread of flames and smoke. This protects your property and, more importantly, safeguards the lives of those inside.

It’s Difficult to Leave a High-Rise Building

It is more difficult to evacuate all occupants from a high-rise building due to the amount of floors. A fire on one floor could seriously restrict occupants from leaving an exit route. Elevators may also become damaged by fire, which could leave people with only one exit route from a high-rise commercial space. As people try to leave, this exit route may become crowded quickly, with stressed occupants looking for a much safer exit. When installing firestop throughout your high-rise building, you protect people from long smoke inhalation who may have to wait to leave or for somebody to rescue them from the building.

Firefighters Need Access to the Fire from Within to Stop the Spread

For buildings that are in the sky, firefighters can work on the exterior of the building with a ladder to help control the fire with a hose only if the fire is on one of the lower levels of the building. If a fire occurs on a higher level, then firefighters will have to gain access from inside the building to fully control the fire. This might result in a fire spreading quickly throughout the high-rise as firefights try to gain access to the building while those inside leave.

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