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Tasks Your Firestop Contractor Should Be Completing

Tasks Your Firestop Contractor Should Be Completing

Finding a dependable firestop contractor can sometimes take a lot of time and resources.

Finding a dependable firestop contractor can sometimes take a lot of time and resources, so it could be a huge relief once you do find one that you think is a good fit for your project. You expect them to work at their best in a safe, timely, and professional manner. To ensure they’re doing the job to the highest standards, there are a few noteworthy things to keep an eye out for to make sure the money is going to good use. Read on for a few basic tasks that your firestop contractor should be doing after being hired for the job!

Make Sure They Have Certifications from Different Firestop Manufacturers

As it’s known, materials from different manufacturers shouldn’t ever be mixed in one firestop penetration, so it is vital that your firestop contractor is familiar with each of the materials used within your building. When a specialty firestop installer is certified by one or a few other firestop manufacturers, it will ensure that they are familiar with a specific product type and the specified application for that product to make sure the installed systems are an “approved” kind of system. Different manufacturers have their own unique set of specifications, so having a firestop installer that is certified by each manufacturer means that they understand the correct use and specifications to the best of their ability. One example would be if a design needed a waterproof system – it would not be great if the installer used a water-based fire caulk versus any silicon-based fire caulk. Make sure the firestop contractor is certified by a manufacturer specified in your project.

They Implemented and Use a Quality Control Management System for Work

You might have seen the words “UL qualified” or “FM approved” before, but do you know what they truly mean? Both programs are quality control management systems that are based speficially on the ISO 9000 series of management systems that are specifically tailored to contractors that specialize in fire suppression and installation services. When a contractor is FM-approved and UL-qualified, this means they’ve taken a stance on their quality of work, investing serious time and money, and training for developing quality improvement processes to make sure the work done is of the highest standard. These programs will require annual third-party compliance audits too, known as “designated responsible individuals” or “DRIs,” identified through extensive experience as well as specification and design knowledge testing with consistent education training to maintain this kind of designation.

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