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How to Keep Your Hands Protected During a Cold Weather Construction Job

How to Keep Your Hands Protected During a Cold Weather Construction Job

Keeping your hands protected and warm is one of the most important keys for staying safe on a construction job.

Construction safety is crucial each day of the year, but now that we’re in the chilly months of the fall (and almost winter), it is really important. There are weather hazards basically everywhere on a cold-weather job site. Working in the cold could present a few different issues for construction workers, and keeping your hands protected and warm is one of the most important keys for staying safe. Without correct work gloves, you lose the hand dexterity that you will need to work properly. Luckily, we at G&M Services put a heavy emphasis on correct glove use at work, especially during the cold winter months. For a few tips on picking the proper winter handwear to keep you safe, read on!

Staying Dry Means Keeping Warm

Staying dry is important for staying warm during the winter. If you know that you will be coming into contact with cold water while you’re doing your job, make the right construction safety glove option and go with something that is coated with a waterproof membrane. If you are not going to encounter water, it still is not a terrible idea to wear a pair of gloves that have a bit of light waterproofing, just in case there’s some unexpected ice or snow on your work route.

Using Thinsulate When Applicable

While we often do not like namedropping, Thinsulate is one of the top materials available for your gloves if you are looking to stay both warm and dry. It works great below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and it isn’t too thick, which means you can correctly do your concrete drilling and cutting job. Thinsulate is a nice option for construction safety since it uses plenty of thin layers of polymer to keep whatever is inside warm while using wicking properties to keep hands dried.

Protect the Fingertips

We lose a lot of heat in our extremities before we lose heat within our cores, so protecting our fingertips and toes should be a real priority. If you go with inexpensive or low-quality work gloves, heat will escape along the ends and seams of your gloves, leaving your fingertips cold and construction safety entirely forgotten. If your fingertips are cold, then you might not be able to perform your work at the highest level, which might lead to improper work. Pick a set of gloves with extra insulation along the tips, and you will stay fuzzy, warm, and dry while out on the job.

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