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4 Myths About CPR

4 Myths About CPR

You never know when someone might need to be revived through CPR. Here are several myths about CPR you shouldn’t believe.

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. You never know when someone might need to be revived through CPR. Unfortunately, when you are in a busy construction zone or even back at the office, it can be easy to freeze up when you see someone suffering a heart attack or otherwise rendered unconscious. You might not think you can help, or that someone else will come along to do so. Here are several myths about CPR you shouldn’t believe.

Myth #1: You Could Be Sued

When your employees, coworkers, or customers are in need of assistance through CPR, you might hesitate. This hesitation comes from the fear of lawsuits, either against yourself or your company. However, this isn’t necessarily true. After all, there are laws known as Good Samaritan laws that can protect someone practicing CPR along with a reasonable amount of care while attempting to save someone else’s life.

Myth #2: If You’re Untrained, You Shouldn’t Attempt CPR

This myth is exactly that – just another falsehood. Although you might think you can’t help if you are untrained in CPR techniques, you can still do something. Chest compressions – carefully pressing down on the person you are reviving – can help them survive until fully-trained emergency personnel can arrive.

Myth #3: I Can’t Take Time Off Work

You might think you’d have to take time off of work to attend a certification class. However, that’s not always true. Many courses are offered on nights and weekends, and a component of this training should be included in your job training, depending on what it is you do. When you pick the right CPR certification class, it will only be a few hours long, and you don’t need to worry about being bored and wishing you could be do something more productive instead.

Myth #4: It Always Works

Unfortunately, this is one myth that is closer to the truth than all the others. You might think it is effective every time it is used, but it isn’t. That said, performing CPR whenever you can is still better than doing nothing. Even a few minutes more can be hugely vital when trying to ensure someone’s safety.

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