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How Does Concrete Scanning Work?

How Does Concrete Scanning Work?

Before you can begin your next major construction or demolition project, you’ll need to be sure that the concrete around your site is safe. That’s where concrete scanning comes into play.

Before you can begin your next major construction project, you’ll need to be sure that the concrete around your site is safe. After all, it’s possible that you can’t identify hidden utility lines beneath the surface or any confined spaces that could be located there as well, either. That’s where concrete scanning comes into play.

Getting Ready

The first step involved in concrete scanning has to do with completing a survey. Land surveyors usually do this when new territory is uncovered (think of the pioneers back in the early days of the country) but on contemporary job sites, this is just as important. Surveying will locate where the utility lines are and anything else that might be just under the surface. With the entire area uncovered, ground penetrating radar experts can determine where to focus the use of the GPR technology.

Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Once the GPR unit is activated, it will start to send radar beams towards its target. It doesn’t take long to complete its scan, and it won’t damage or destroy anything that you are concerned about disturbing. No matter what project you are tasked with – building a new retail store, a residential neighborhood, or tearing down an old building – the concrete scanning process is invaluable for ensuring the safety of your workers.

The Concrete Scanning Process

The GPR unit depends on devices known as electromagnetic wands that increase its range and help it see deeper beneath the ground, measuring the length of time between when a radar blast sends and when it returns. After the GPR collects all of the relevant data, the display screen will show you an image of what is under the ground and where you can find them. To ensure that your employees can avoid them, markers based on what is there (it could be a water line, a power line, or a beam of rebar) so they know where they can cut and drill safely.

Benefits of Scanning Concrete

Once the scan is complete, you’ll have a better idea of how to guide the development of the project you are responsible for, so when concrete scanning is an integral part of your process, you can work more quickly and efficiently. You’ll also stay under budget and meet the timetables outlined before the any of your workers arrived to start their latest job.

Concrete Scanning and More from G&M Services

At G&M Services we’re proud to champion safer, healthier workplaces and can help you develop positive safety practices in your business. We incorporate weekly and monthly discussions and meeting to ensure that all involved are aware of how to handle equipment and potential situations that could occur during a project.

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