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The Different Types of Concrete Cutting Blades

concrete cutting blades

This is a wet-cutting blade. The water is used to cool the blade and keep the concrete dust under control.

Concrete is a pretty remarkable material. It’s strong enough to be used in the construction of buildings and bridges, but versatile enough to use for inground pools and patios. Cutting concrete for all these different applications can be a complex and difficult job, unless you have the right tools. This goes double for concrete cutting blades. The right one is invaluable to getting the job done.

Masonry Blades

Concrete is a hard surface, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that typical corundum masonry blades don’t last long. These types of blades are inexpensive, but aren’t a good idea for anything other than a short, shallow cut.

Dry-Cutting Diamond Blades

Diamond blades have a diamond and metal composite on the edges that cuts concrete much better than corundum blades since diamond is a harder material. Dry-cutting blades usually have a serrated edge to help cool the blade while cutting. While these blades are good at cutting deeper and longer cuts than masonry blades, they can get very hot and create a lot of dust.

Wet-Cutting Diamond Blades

Unlike dry-cutting blades, wet-cutting blades have teeth or a smooth edge. While cutting the concrete the saw uses water to cool and lubricate the blade, as well as control the dust that occurs when cutting concrete. These blades offer the fastest and cleanest cuts because of the use of water. Wet-cutting diamond blades are usually the choice of professionals for concrete cutting and core drilling.

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