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4 Tools You Need for Concrete Floor Grinding

4 Tools You Need for Concrete Floor Grinding

 There are many reasons why you might need concrete floor grinding.

There are many reasons why you might need concrete floor grinding. Perhaps the floor wasn’t smoothed correctly after it was poured, possibly it has warped over time, or maybe there was carpet glued over it that has been removed. No matter the reason, grinding concrete requires special tools and an eye to safety, just like any other concrete cutting. Here are four tools you need to use when grinding concrete. If you’re new to this, they might surprise you.

Diamond Tooling with Appropriate Bond Hardness

This tool probably feels like a no-brainer, but it is an important place to start. You know that when you’re grinding floors, you need a grinder, of course, but there are different bond hardnesses of the diamond tooling available. Determine the bond hardness needed for your job before you begin so you can buy the right one. Using the wrong tool will decrease your efficiency and increase your costs because they glaze over or prematurely wear out.


Yes, you read that correctly. And this isn’t some specialized, expensive product either; we’re talking about sand – even play sand will work. Tossing sand down on the concrete before grinding can make the whole process easier. The extra grit helps open up your diamonds and acts as an extra level of abrasive. This is especially useful if the concrete surface has a residual layer of sticky residue from glue.

Multi-Directional Grinder

A multi-directional grinder is one where the heads can spin in either direction. This is helpful because when you’re grinding concrete, the diamond tooling can glaze over. Reversing the direction of spin will help the diamond tooling open back up so that you can get as much out of it as possible.  As a bonus, reversing the spin direction can also save you from inconsistent wear.


Tools make your work easier, so in this way, water can be considered a tool. There are a couple of ways that water will help you with your concrete grinding. If there’s carpet down over the cement, a thorough soaking can loosen the adhesive (depending on the adhesive). In hotter climates or warm working environments, presoaking the slab can keep the surface temperature lower as you work. This will benefit your tools as well, and keep the diamond tools as effective as possible.

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