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How Does Concrete Demolition Work?

How Does Concrete Demolition Work?

Concrete demolition involves breaking up large pieces of concrete.

Concrete is a vital part of any construction project. Unfortunately, concrete can also get in the way of adding pipes for plumbing and installing or removing utility lines that might make it unsafe for workers to continue their job. In cases such as these, concrete demolition becomes necessary.

Using Skid Steer Technology

Concrete demolition involves breaking up large pieces of concrete. However, depending on the thickness of the concrete, it is much smarter to not put your workers in danger. A skid steer can move the broken pieces of concrete to where your workers can safely handle them. However, a skid steer machine is not the best solution for all situations. In confined spaces or other areas where it simply can’t fit, you will have to drill and saw the concrete until it is small enough for your employees to pick up and move by themselves. When you need concrete demolition services, you can put your trust in G&M Services. We rely on our own generators and can bring the equipment needed for concrete demolition to your job site, depending on the what you need to have demolished.

Using Ground Penetrating Radar

When it comes to demolishing concrete, it is critical that you have the best ground penetrating radar technology available. With GPR in play, you can scan anything hidden inside walls or under the ground that could potentially present a hazard for you and your workers. You will be able to see every angle of the concrete, both below the ground and above, making the process of concrete demolition safer and easier.

Advice for Residential Properties

Not every job site you encounter will be on a commercial lot. Occasionally, you will be called to work in a residential neighborhood. Although homeowners can attempt to demolish the concrete on their residential property, it is much safer if the professionals are entrusted to do it instead. Here is some advice for homeowners and for working on residential lots:

  1. Use sledgehammers and jackhammers: These tools are more easily acquired by residential users and it is less expensive for contractors to equip their workers with these hammers for breaking up the concrete.
  2. Use polyurethane: This material can serve as a shield against dust, debris, and other results of grinding or drilling the concrete to break it down.
  3. Use pry bars: Pry bars and crowbars can also help you move the concrete, especially if the concrete encountered is in a slab form and needs to be moved before any concrete demolition can be performed safely.


Concrete Demolition and More from G&M Services

At G&M Services we’re proud to champion safer, healthier workplaces and can help you develop positive safety practices in your business. We incorporate weekly and monthly discussions and meeting to ensure that all involved are aware of how to handle equipment and potential situations that could occur during a project.

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