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A Guide to Demolishing Old Concrete

A Guide to Demolishing Old Concrete

If you’ve been looking for a guide to demolishing old concrete, then here is one that hopefully helps.

It’s essential to be safe while attempting to break up old concrete. Any job site can be dangerous, especially for workers working on the ground while teammates are elevated on scaffolds, platforms, or ladders. If you’ve been looking for a guide to demolishing old concrete, then here is one that hopefully helps. 

Necessary Tools 

Chances are good that the average homeowner doesn’t know what to do, and that’s why your crew was called onto the scene. Some of the most important tools that everyone needs to be equipped with include hand trucks, prybars, sledgehammers, shovels, bolt cutters, mattocks, and wheelbarrows. Without these tools on hand, the process of breaking down concrete, no matter how worn out it is, will be much harder. Plastic sheeting and drop cloths are also a good idea; personal protective equipment is essential as well. 

Using Protective Equipment

With everything going on in the world right now, using protective measures is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. That’s why using protective equipment is even more important than ever before. Remember that newer members of your team will probably need training on how to use this equipment properly, especially if they have never had to before – even longtime veterans could do with some retraining if the equipment is different than they are used to using whenever they break up concrete. Some of this equipment includes the following: 

  • Safety glasses and goggles
  • Gloves and arm coverings
  • Vests and helmets
  • Steel-toed boots 
  • Hearing protection
  • Face masks 

Breaking the Slabs 

Finally, let’s examine the process of breaking down the concrete slabs. Successfully completing this task depends on the size of the slab. Some techniques for breaking down a concrete block include wall sawing, wire cutting, and dry ice blasting. Smaller chunks of concrete can be broken down by using sledgehammers and sometimes jackhammers. The largest beams and walls will call for the use of carefully-applied explosives, which can be exceedingly dangerous regardless of where you detonate them. Shovels can be used to create voids, which can then be scanned by GPR technology. Finding out what is underneath the surface is extremely important, especially when you know you are dealing with reinforced concrete. 

Prioritize Safety with G&M Services

G&M Services is proud of our employees and the dedication they have for safety in the workplace. We reward our employees for displaying positive safety practices. We incorporate weekly and monthly discussions and meetings to ensure that all involved are aware of how to handle equipment and potential situations that could occur during a project.

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