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The Basics of Concrete Wall Cutting Safety

The Basics of Concrete Wall Cutting Safety

Make sure that you and all of your workers are observing applicable guidelines when it comes to power tool operation, especially in the process of concrete wall cutting.

Cutting through concrete is always risky. That’s why whenever your workers begin this project, you need to prioritize safety. Cutting into concrete in the context of a construction project is usually done so that openings for windows and doors can be created. Here is a closer look at some basic safety guidelines to follow whenever sawing through concrete walls becomes necessary. 

Blade Basics 

When it comes to concrete cutting, you need to have the right tools. That’s why ensuring the diamond-coated blades on your saws can withstand the high pressure and friction that comes from cutting through a hardened surface on a regular basis. The blade is attached to a track that holds it against the concrete that you are trying to slice into; without this track, making controlled and precise cuts would be nearly impossible. There are two main power sources for the blade – either electricity or hydraulics. Regardless of which one you choose, you must respect the limits of each saw under your control. 

Respecting the Limit

Safely operating a saw calls for a healthy amount of respect for the equipment you use. Don’t push past the limit of the tools or else they will break and delays in the construction project will follow, especially if you don’t have extra blades or additional workers overseeing the supply chain. Be sure that you know how deep the wall is before beginning any concrete wall cutting work. There is only so much concrete that each saw can break through before they either overheat or can no longer provide effective cuts. Also, be mindful that overcutting may be needed sometimes. Although this sounds like a counterintuitive suggestion, overcutting is actually beneficial. It helps the saw reach the full dimensions of the opening you need to make and can affect how clean the cut looks once it’s done.

Observing Guidelines 

Finally, make sure that you and all of your workers are observing applicable guidelines when it comes to power tool operation, especially in the process of concrete wall cutting. Start by choosing the correct blade. Find the right size, too, since diamond blades come in many different shapes and sizes. Keep the blade cool so that it doesn’t overheat, and be sure that all personal protective equipment, or PPE, is in good condition before getting the concrete wall cutting process underway. 

Prioritize Safety with G&M Services

G&M Services is proud of our employees and the dedication they have for safety in the workplace. We reward our employees for displaying positive safety practices. We incorporate weekly and monthly discussions and meetings to ensure that all involved are aware of how to handle equipment and potential situations that could occur during a project.

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