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Benefits of Pre-Pour Scanning for Concrete Cutting Services

Benefits of Pre-Pour Scanning for Concrete Cutting Services

Pre-pour scanning at the time of construction can help significantly reduce expenses and complications associated with future concrete cutting services.

When pouring concrete for new buildings, future plans are never set in stone. Building owners cannot know everything tomorrow has in store for their properties, and future additions, renovations, and maintenance can be challenging and expensive. For most buildings with existing concrete slabs, professionals in concrete cutting services must use ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to determine the positions of rebar and embedded fixtures before cutting. However, this isn’t a perfect tool. Building owners and contractors can utilize pre-pour scanning at the time of construction to significantly reduce expenses and complications associated with future concrete cutting services. Keep reading to learn why pre-pour scanning is a valuable investment for the buildings of tomorrow!

What is Pre-Pour Scanning?

Pre-pour scanning is a modern technique that captures the data necessary to create a 3D representation of a structure before concrete is poured. Also known as 3D laser scanning, this process involves using a class two laser and an HD camera to capture millions of data points when scanning structures. These data points create a “point cloud,” which translates to a 3D colorized image that provides accurate measurements within two millimeters.

Challenges in Concrete Cutting Services

Buildings of all kinds often require changes to existing concrete slabs, and knowing exactly where rebar, pipes, and other embedded fixtures are is crucial. Original blueprints and scans from GPR aren’t always reliable; there’s no telling what was added in the field before the pour, and GPR cannot detect materials like PVC and composite rebar. Without accurate schematics, concrete cutting contractors and professionals in the trades can run into issues planning and executing their projects. This translates to higher costs and longer construction times for stakeholders.

Pre-Pour Scanning Removes the Guesswork from Concrete Cutting Services

Pre-pour scanning is an elegant solution to many of the challenges associated with concrete cutting services. When decision-makers invest in 3D laser scans at the time of construction, building owners and their contractors will have access to incredibly precise plans for slabs that were created years in the past. These scans capture the locations of PVC, composite rebar, and other materials that GPR cannot detect. This accurate data helps contractors avoid cutting into gas lines, plumbing, and load-bearing infrastructure when working on existing slabs. Stakeholders can also use pre-pour scanning to manage differences between original designs and field conditions, allowing them to track and create changes to plans before concrete is poured.

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