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The Importance of BIM Coordination & Clash Detection with G&M Services


G&M Services has partnered with Hilti to provide BIM Coordination for fire-rated assemblies and Clash Detection services.

In our growing world, it is becoming more and more essential to develop sustainable buildings offering the most efficient yet comfortable working environments at the best price.  Demands to Contractors are becoming more than just putting it all together. Contractors must also provide a building management system for the owner and provide construction costs and sustainability costs for the expected lifetime of the project. Welcome to the need for BIM!

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Clash Detection

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies allow the contractor to realize the architect’s vision into a constructible system offering the sustainability demanded by the owner.  Strong BIM Project Management Firms assist the contractor in coordinating the various trades on a project to help identify and correct problems in the design process before actual construction begins. This can help ensure a smooth hand-off to the field, potentially saving countless dollars in unproductive time and eliminating scheduling delays. Additionally, this removes the risk and frustration of settling change orders with the owner. 

BIM Coordination & Clash Detection Can Detect Underlying Issues

As a leading concrete cutting and firestop contractor, G&M Services has always been in the unique position to identify problems, or “clashes,” in construction when the various trades intersect, specifically in floor and wall penetrations.  When clashes are identified, projects often come to a halt due to waiting on Engineering Judgements, Architect approvals, and possible redesigns of the project area.  These usually result in increased costs for the Contractor and Owner, neither of whom wants to shoulder the cost.  Enter G&M Services BIM Coordination and Project Management Services.

Coordination Process Management

G&M Services can manage your coordination process of the trades and ensure the design is right by identifying clashes while overseeing the resolution process.  We will develop your coordinated drawings for submittal, along with the required shop drawings and COBie or other meta-information necessary for submittal to the owner and sustainability analyses.  From the design, we can lay out, and cut / core-drill openings required in your structure and offer the most cost-effective firestop installations without the potential for Engineering Judgements.  G&M Services has also developed a strategic partnership with Hilti’s BIM Coordination Team to ensure all fire-rated assemblies in the system are adequately designed for the best installation. Are you interested in learning more about BIM Coordination? Contact G&M Services today!

Revitalize Your Business with G&M Services

G&M Services is proud of our employees and the dedication they have for safety in the workplace. We reward our employees for displaying positive safety practices. We incorporate weekly and monthly discussions and meetings to ensure that all involved know how to handle equipment and potentially risky situations during a project. We offer services in the way of concrete drilling and sawing, concrete scanning, and Firestop. To get started with us, call today at 410-787-8828 or visit our contact page. Follow the official company page today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.