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Concrete Core Drilling: The Diamond in the Rough

Concrete Core Drilling: The Diamond in the Rough

Drilling through the concrete underneath your feet requires multiple different approaches.

Drilling through the concrete underneath your feet requires multiple different approaches. One of them involves diamond cores. What can you do if this is a new experience for you? Let’s find out together.

Conventional Methods

When it comes to concrete core drilling, there are two primary techniques for getting it done. The first is the conventional drilling method, and the second is known as wireline. Although it doesn’t sound like there is a difference between them, that distinction simply isn’t apparent at first glance. Recovering the core sample once the inner tube is filled makes all the difference, and that’s what differentiates these two methods. When you try out both you will find out why. For example, in conventional drilling, the drill string needs to be pulled out each time, no matter if it is coated in diamond or has a diamond tip. Each new sample requires a new drill head.

Wireline core drilling is a bit different. It uses a piece of equipment called an overshot. It is the overshot that is sent down into the hole made by the drill. The overshot’s job is to get the core sample from the inner tube and bring both back to the surface. The device that brings them back up is called the wireline hoist. The wireline hoist method is becoming increasingly more popular because it is much safer and much more efficient.

Operating the Drills

Now let’s take a look at how the drills are operated. The drilling into the subsurface beneath the concrete is the main purpose of both conventional and wireline drilling. The core must then be retrieved before a new core is inserted into the machinery and used. Water and other fluids help cool the drill bits down, especially since diamond tends to create a vast amount of friction while it drills, cuts, and saws.

Examining the Core

Finally, let’s look at why the core sample is so important. The core sample provides information about what is underneath the concrete that you are working with; core boxes provide storage and are marked with information regarding the drilling process such as date, time and location of the drilling work.

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