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4 Hazards of Concrete Drilling

4 Hazards of Concrete Drilling

Concrete drilling can be dangerous.

Concrete drilling can be dangerous. It’s always best to prepare your workers for any hazards they encounter while cutting or drilling into the concrete on every worksite they rotate to. With that in mind, here are some hazards to be mindful of before the next time you need to drill through concrete, whether it’s on the ground or built in the walls of an abandoned structure.

Kickback Injuries

When working with concrete, using a regular drill would seem like an efficient tool to get the job done. However, drilling through concrete requires specialized equipment that general construction drills will not be able to match. Handheld drills tend to jam or lead to other kickback injuries. However, when you work with a company that specializes in concrete drilling, they’ll have the equipment they need to prevent injuries caused by their own tools.

Hidden Hazards

One of the most valuable pieces of equipment to use while completing a concrete drilling job is a ground penetrating radar (GPR). Using GPR can reveal the presence of hidden hazards such as exposed rebar, loose electrical wires, or trapped pockets of gas, water, and debris. If your employees know where these hazards are, they can avoid them and continue to work unimpeded.

Dust Accumulation

Dust is also another cause for concern. Dust can cause choking hazards, especially if your employees are not equipped with filtered masks, ventilators, or other types of personal protective equipment that help them breathe while they complete their concrete drilling tasks. The risk of crystalline silica dust being released during concrete drilling is also another hazard you need to account for during the drilling process.    


Concrete slabs have a reputation for being stable. However, concrete can quickly become unstable during grinding or demolition processes. Locating potential weak spots and determining the overall integrity of the concrete your workers are dealing with can prevent injuries due to instability.

Performing Risk Assessments

Before beginning any work, it’s important to perform a risk assessment. Get to know the job site, and determine what hazards could be present. It’s an easy way to keep your workers safe and happy and minimize the risk of being surprised by something you didn’t prepare for. Using ground-penetrating radar, or GPR is a good idea because this technology exists for this purpose.

Prioritize Employee Safety with G&M Services

G&M Services is proud of our employees and the dedication they have for safety in the workplace. We reward our employees for displaying positive safety practices. We incorporate weekly and monthly discussions and meeting to ensure that all involved are aware of how to handle equipment and potential situations that could occur during a project.

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