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6 Ways to Cut Concrete More Effectively

6 Ways to Cut Concrete More Effectively

Cutting concrete is a process that requires skill, patience, and safety.

Cutting concrete is a process that requires skill, patience, and safety. To ensure that the work is accurate and efficient, follow these six tips. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the result.


  • The Right Timing


Getting the timing just right when it comes to cutting concrete is essential to creating the best possible cut. The concrete should be in a state that is solid, but not yet completely set. This condition creates a smoother cut with less dust. Wet concrete makes it more difficult, while cured concrete can fracture during the cut.


  • The Right Saw


For larger jobs spread out on the floor, use a walk-behind saw; these ensure cuts that are both deep and straight. Another benefit of walk-behind saws is that they are water-powered. The use of water reduces the amount of dust being generated and also keeps the blades cool.


  • The Right Blade


The synthetic diamond crystals of a diamond saw are perfect for achieving a great cut over the course of multiple uses. Even when the diamonds become dull, they fall away to expose new ones, ready for the next cut. Dry cutting blades can be used with or without water, but wet blades must be used with water only.


  • Deal with Dust


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has standards for respirable crystalline silica. With these standards in place, a proper dust extractor must be used, especially if you’re using a dry saw. With a wet saw, these elements are washed away before they become airborne. Thus, they become far less of a hazard. Speaking of hazards, don’t forget to protect the electrical cord!


  • Protect the Cord


A ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI-protected extension cord, will guard against power surges, shocks, and overloads during your work. This component becomes necessary when you are using an electric saw; when you use a gas-powered saw you won’t have to worry about electrical hazards as often.


  • Mark the Cuts


Use chalk to mark the lines you intend to cut before moving the saw. An excellent pointer is to use a bright color that will be easily visible against the background of the concrete. If you’re using a wet saw, try using a marker that will withstand the use of the water.

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