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The Three Significant Benefits of GPR Concrete Scanning

GPR concrete scanning

GPR concrete scanning can be immensely helpful on the job site.

GPR concrete scanning can be immensely helpful on the job site. With it, crews can avoid cutting into utility lines and other vital systems that are often hidden deep underground. Without obvious markers for these systems, they can be heavily damaged or rendered inoperable if cutting, coring, or drilling processes reach them. In this blog, we examine the three significant benefits of GPR concrete scanning.

Let’s Dig Into GPR Concrete Scanning

Benefit 1: Locate underground utilities. What are some examples of underground utilities? Utility lines that provide gas and electric energy as well as water lines. Utility lines for cable TV and Internet also often run underground. With GPR concrete scanning, you can see all of these lines before you start cutting through the surrounding concrete. Perhaps best of all, the surface does not need to be altered in any way. Haphazard cutting can slow down productivity and the time it takes to complete other vital tasks on-site. Knowing exactly where to cut or drill and what to avoid while doing so maximizes the use of multiple resources: time, money, energy, labor, and equipment.

Benefit 2: Avoid damaging rebar. Another significant benefit of GPR concrete scanning is the ability to avoid damaging critical rebar. The sophistication of GPR concrete scanning technology is, as we touched upon above, that the underground area beneath the cutting area can be imaged non-invasively. As such, it is possible to locate rebar in real time and go around it.

Benefit 3: Locate post-tension cable. GPR concrete scanning not only allows you find to find post-tension cable but also to see the extent of the crucial cabling. If the crews on the job site can plan for how much the cables fall or drape, they can work more safely.

G & M Services Concrete Cutting and Life Safety

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