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Why Commercial Buildings Require Weather-Resistant Barriers

Why Commercial Buildings Require Weather-Resistant Barriers

Commercial buildings will benefit incredibly from weather-resistant barriers, and it is important to ensure that your entire building is built up to code.

G&M Services staff members have over 25 years of experience in professional weather-resistant barrier installations in commercial buildings. Also, our staff works very hard to remain updated on the latest regulations and training for thermal and moisture protection installations. As an ABAA Accredited Contracting company, you can depend on G&M Services to complete your weather-resistant barrier installation to the industry’s highest standards. Commercial buildings will benefit incredibly from weather-resistant barriers, and it is important to ensure that your entire building is built up to code from the local jurisdiction’s requirements and laws. Read on to learn more about weather-resistant barriers and how commercial businesses can benefit immensely from their installation!

Staying Code-Compliant with All Weather-Resistant Barriers

One of the important reasons to hire G&M Services for any weather-resistant barrier needs is to help ensure that your building remains code-compliant based on the local jurisdiction’s regulations. Here in Maryland, any commercial building has to incorporate a waterproof barrier that prevents water from building up behind walls. A professional installation of weather-resistant obstacles within the wall assembly can also control protection against condensation. Without proper thermal and moisture protection inside your building’s construction, it won’t be built up to code and can also be structurally unsound.

Helps Increase the Commercial Building’s Energy-Efficiency

The installation of a waterproof barrier inside of your building walls could increase the building’s overall energy efficiency. With an improved level of energy efficiency, you could expect a more well-controlled temperature throughout the entire building and possibly lower costs due to consistent temperatures inside of the building. Wrapping the building with a waterproof barrier can also turn it into an energy-efficient structure that is not prone to the buildup of moisture.

A Layer of Protection Against Mildew, Mold, and Dangerous Water-Related Spores

Last, a weather-resistant barrier could help protect the inside of your commercial building from any water-related spores that could grow when moisture and water do become trapped in your walls. For walls that consistently catch moisture, vapor, and water, as time passes, mold can develop. This mold is dangerous to the health of any building occupants and can be prevented by installing weather-resistant barriers from G&M Services that will ensure that all moisture stays out.

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