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How Weather Changes Can Impact Your Construction Projects

How Weather Changes Can Impact Your Construction Projects

The weather can have many different effects on your construction projects.

We’re in the last few weeks of summer, and fall will be here before we know it. This means homeowners have to prepare for the hazards and challenges of the cold weather. Protecting buildings and taking care to help make sure everything is safe while driving, walking, and living in the cold weather requires a serious amount of forethought. Still, managing seasonal changes for larger structures like high-rises and skyscrapers might be a bit more challenging. In this blog, we’ll review some common problems that property owners face as temperatures get cooler. Read on to learn a bit more!

Heat and Cold Exposure Could Ruin Finished Structures

Keeping all sidewalks clear and winterizing your plumbing systems aren’t the only tasks for property owners to take care of. Freezing temperatures and crazy storms could cause power outages, which could turn into a lack of heat inside buildings, frozen pipes, and water damage from flooding. During the summer, property owners may struggle to manage mold growth and other problems because of increased humidity. Practical weather barriers and well-informed are important, and property owners and other employees should address potential damages as soon as they can to help prevent the spread. Backup power sources, robust insulation, and routine plumbing will allow the building and property owners minimize the risks of cold weather during the winter.

Cold Weather Leads to Possible Safety Problems for Construction Workers

Construction contractors in warm climates have it easy. Those living in the mid-Atlantic must consider the humidity and temperature changes and how they impact different building materials and safety systems. Concrete, asphalt, and other materials may not perform well outside of certain temperatures and humidity parameters. Construction experts have got to consider these factors while planning projects that require temperature-sensitive materials. Work safety is important as well. Plastic, metal, and other building materials experience stress in various scenarios, but construction workers can also feel stressed. Cold stress and heat strokes could present different health risks for workers. Construction contractors could keep themselves safe in the cold by wearing different layers, not touching metal with their skin, drinking warm drinks, and scheduling winter work during the day while it is warm. For summer work, postponing work during the day is hot, so keeping cold liquids around and taking breaks could help workers stay safe while in the heat. To learn more, give G&M Services a call!

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