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How Ground-Penetrating Radar Detects What’s Underground

How Ground-Penetrating Radar Detects What’s Underground

Ground penetrating radar scanning services include locating rebar, stress and post-tension cables, conduits, and metal in concrete.

Ground-penetrating radar, which is known as GPR for short, can use radio waves to take pictures of what is lying underneath different surface types. G&M Services offers different penetrating scanning services to all of our clients through our sister business, Concrete Visions. Ground penetrating radar scanning services include locating rebar, stress and post-tension cables, conduits, and metal in concrete. We also provide 24/7 emergency concrete scanning services to our clients that need services for emergencies. All of our field technicians have been extensively trained and are certified for work. We perform thousands of different ground-penetrating radar scans each year. Read on to learn more about ground penetrating radar detection!

Why Choose Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground penetrating radar scans help produce real-time results. After a ground penetrating radar scan is complete, a field technician is able to send off the image to their supervisor to clean up the picture. After the image is cleared, the structural engineer and our clients can look over the results. Our scans are able to reach deep depths, are utilized without any radiation, and are a lot safer than X-rays. Ground penetrating radar is an excellent option for companies that don’t want to disturb the natural beatify of their entire property.

What Does Ground Penetrating Radar Detect?

Ground penetrating radar detects an extensive range of items and is also able to look through concrete slabs. Ground penetrating radar detects rebar, metal, stress cables, and more. Ground penetrating radar can also detect concrete slabs along with other natural materials through the use of imagery. Ground penetrating radar can also be implemented on one side of your concrete slab without requiring access to different sides of the concrete slab as well.

The Pros of Ground-Penetrating Radar

There are pros to using our ground penetrating radar. It is cost-effective and a non-invasive way of looking over a construction site or other area that has to be imaged before and during the construction process. You do not have to dig or disturb soil while you are using ground penetrating radar since it is able to detect different surfaces. Since our radar doesn’t use radiation, it is safe for use in public space and for those to be around it during the surveying process. It is also able to detect objects quickly and underground irregularities, providing everyone at G&M with a chance to collect data for your worksite.

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