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How Does FireStop Work?

How Does FireStop Work?

You also want to ensure that a fire can’t harm the building’s occupants. That’s why you need to deploy FireStop measures.

There’s more to a building than brick, concrete, and steel. Think about it this way: as important as doors, windows, and other points of egress are, you also want to make sure that a fire cannot damage or destroy the building. You also want to ensure that a fire can’t harm the building’s occupants. That’s why you need to deploy FireStop measures. But one question remains: how does FireStop work

What Is It? 

Simply put, FireStop is a fire protection system. It covers the cracks and crevices of a space with certain fireproof materials that will prevent the fire from being able to spread into the next room or down the hall. This way, you can stop fire and smoke and contain it before it gets out of control. The amount of space inside your building and the space requirements of the floor plan help determine what materials you can or should use


Penetration sealants are used around pipes, tubing, and ductwork. This sealing is effective for two to four hours at a time. Joint sealants are used as caulking for the spaces between wallboards. One of the attributes of this sealant is that it is intumescent – the sealant will swell in the presence of fire or when fire is attacking it. This property stops the fire from spreading. 


Pillows are also used as FireStop materials, but not the pillows you might be thinking of. It looks like a conventional pillow, hence the name. It is rated for fire-resistance. These pillows are made of rockwool batts, vermiculite, and intumescent foam rubber. They block up any holes in the wall or the floor to help improve fire protection measures. 

Other Elements

Firewalls can be damaged and will need repairs. This is where composite sheets enter the picture. They are layered with Penetration Sealant. Pipe Collars are also used as a FireStop measure. This is especially important when plastic pipes are built through walls and ceilings. The collars seal when exposed to heat from a fire. FireStop sleeves are also a component that you should consider including in your building – these metal pipes are packed with intumescent putty that can protect cords and cables from fire damage. 

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