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Firestop Issues That Could Happen in Commercial Buildings

Firestop Issues That Could Happen in Commercial Buildings

Firestop is not always installed correctly, and this could lead to some serious issues.

Did you know that thousands get hurt or even killed due to structural fires every single year? As reported by the NFPA, there are thousands of fatalities due to structural fires, along with thousands of different injuries and billions of dollars worth of property damage every year. It is clear that commercial fires are still a huge problem. However, not all of them have to cause such damage. A lot of fire-related fatalities happen due to an ineffective fire and smoke containment approach. Firestopping is one of the top lines of defense buildings can have against fires. It minimizes how much fire and smoke can spread through a building, making it a lot easier for people to escape if a fire does spread. However, firestop is not always installed correctly, and this could lead to some serious issues. Read on to learn about a few of the main reasons that people run into firestop issues in commercial buildings.

Not Placing Enough of an Emphasis on Code-Compliance for Firestop Methods and Materials

The first reason for firestop problems is that a few people are unaware of how essential it is to be code-compliant once they install a firestop-based technology. Sometimes, people don’t know that a firewall is being breached or that you must seal every gap that you find inside a firewall. It only takes a handful of minutes for smoke to totally cover a room, even if it only has a tiny opening available. This is why a correct firestop installation has to be held in such high regard.

Picking On-Hand Materials Instead of Tested and Certified Ones

A few people will want to surrender to the temptation of using materials that they find on hand instead of using certified and tested materials. We at G&M Services strongly advise against this. You should always avoid using any non-compliant firestop materials, and that’s why our team only uses the best-certified firestop materials for installations. While using non-compliant materials sounds convenient, not all of them are suited for fire containment. If you are going to douse a fire correctly, you will need to invest in materials that have been tested and correctly demonstrated to be able to handle the task correctly. If you take the easy way out, there is a much higher chance that fires will find an easy way right into your property.

Firestop Solutions From G&M Services

We at G&M Services are very proud of our employees and their dedication for their workplace. We are constantly training employees on proper firestop installation and maintenance practices, so you can rest easy knowing your building has been protected and firestopped properly.

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