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Common Fire Stop Issues in Commercial Buildings

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As a commercial building owner, it’s important to stay aware of common fire stop issues that may occur within your building.

It’s essential for commercial buildings equipped with fire stop to be aware of any potential problems that may arise following fire stop installation. Once the fire stop is installed, the fire stop serves to contain the spread of fire and operates as a passive barrier between the walls of commercial buildings to slow the spread. As a commercial building owner, it’s important to stay aware of common fire stop issues that may occur within your building. This can help prevent injury or death due to fire stop failure in addition to regular fire alarm inspections, routine maintenance, and testing. Here are the most common fire stop issues in commercial buildings that G&M Services’ Fire Stop branch recognizes.

Fire Stop Issues: Incomplete Installations

When hiring a fire stop contractor, you’ll want to make sure that you’re utilizing an established company with years of experience. G&M Services fire stop branch is an FM 4991 Certified fire stop company with extensive experience and a commitment to high-quality installations. You can trust our fire stop technicians to take the safety of your commercial building to the highest degree and install fully and properly to code. An incomplete fire stop installation can result in a fast-spreading fire throughout a commercial building, which could potentially be devastating. 

Using Outdated or Mixing Fire Stop Products

After a professional installation of fire stop, the material may degrade over a span of 8 to 15 years. In these instances, some contractors substitute fire stop materials and mix them with different manufacturers. When you mix numerous materials together made by different manufacturers, there isn’t any sort of guarantee that they’ll actively work together. It’s important to contact a professional fire stop installer, like G&M Services Fire Stop branch, to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Installing Fire Stop Incorrectly

Some individuals think that they can take on renovation projects within their own commercial building, including fire stop. This is totally inaccurate and can result in deadly loss due to the spread of a fire. You’ll ALWAYS want to contact a certified Fire Stop professional for all of your fire stop installation needs. Contact G&M Services today!

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