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Electrical Safety Tips: What You Should Avoid Doing

Electrical Safety Tips: What You Should Avoid Doing

When it comes to electrical safety, what are some things you should avoid doing?

Why is electrical safety so important? Electrical hazards are common on any construction zone or any other worksite. These are potential dangers that don’t need to pose a risk to anybody around them. When it comes to electrical safety, what are some things you should avoid doing? Here are some tips and reminders of what you shouldn’t do, especially when electricity is involved.

Don’t Replace an Old Fuse with a Lower Quality One

When your old or original fuse shorts out, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. Not only will a shorted fuse not work as well (or, chances are, work at all!) but a shorted fuse might lead to an electrical fire. If the digital multimeter or DMM you use is configured according to today’s accepted safety standards, then you should be fine. There should be a special fuse inside that will prevent any power overloads from reaching your hands. However, once it is time to replace this fuse, don’t swap it out for a lower quality one.

Don’t Use the Wrong Tool

Whether the task at hand has to do with construction or electrical work, you want to be sure you have all of the right tools at the ready. Make sure your DMM is applicable for the work you have in mind. Whatever you’re doing that day, also ensure that the DMM and has the correct CAT rating. Ensuring that you have the right CAT rating might mean going through multiple DMM tools in one day, so be prepared for that potential situation.

Don’t Attempt to Work with a Live Wire

If you can deactivate the flow of electricity to a live wire or any other live circuits, then you should do so before beginning to work on it. If you must work on a live wire, be sure to properly insulate all of your tools and gear; you should also shield your face, and remove any jewelry you might be wearing.

Don’t Forget About Safety Measures

Whatever pieces of personal protective equipment apply to the electrical work you are about to perform, put them on or get them ready nearby before you start working. These pieces could include safety glasses, gloves, and fireproof clothing or insulated mats.

Electrical Safety from G&M Services

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