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Commercial Concrete and Its Overall Lifetime Expectancy

Commercial Concrete and Its Overall Lifetime Expectancy

Allow us to take a quick look at the lifetime expectancy of all commercial concrete.

As a commercial business, deciding for concrete construction to be installed in your new office building could help protect your business from extensive degradation as time passes. As a visually appealing and durable material for construction jobs, concrete is very long-lasting and has been relied upon for a long time to create energy-efficient buildings with large, solid parking garages. Here at G&M Services, we take pride in ourselves with the concrete services we provide to various businesses throughout Maryland. Allow us to take a quick look at the lifetime expectancy of all commercial concrete and what you could expect from implementing some concrete into your commercial job site!

Commercial Concrete Could Last Around 50 Years

Commercial concrete is quite strong and can last you up to 50 years when it has been correctly maintained. As a building material, concrete’s life expectancy depends on a couple of these factors: method of installation, the continued maintenance, and the extent of use. If you have noticed chipping and cracking in your commercial concrete, you will want to get it repaired right away to help ensure a long lifespan. Also routine cleaning with a light pressure washing could also help you ensure your concrete’s overall lifespan.

 A Robust Foundation Could Increase the Commercial Concrete’s Lifespan

Starting your commercial building with a strong foundation could help ensure your concrete has a healthy lifespan. Foundations that are constructed poorly, made up of harmful materials, and installed improperly could ultimately affect the surface in which the concrete is applied. Also, this can lead to cracking on concrete surfaces or pitting within the materials, which can compromise the overall look of your concrete.

Reasons to Pick Concrete

In addition to a longer lifespan, concrete is usually chosen in commercial builds for various reasons. Concrete is quite popular because of the fact that it can serve as an energy-efficient material, it is entirely waterproof, affordable, and fireproof too. Since concrete is widely available, it could be sourced locally, which can also help decrease costs associated with using it as the main building material. If you’d like to learn more about concrete construction jobs, give G&M Services a call today!

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