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A Maintenance and Care Guide for Your Commercial Concrete During the Winter

A Maintenance and Care Guide for Your Commercial Concrete During the Winter

It is essential to care for commercial concrete during the winter to avoid many different issues.

G&M Services knows that concrete is an absorbent, porous substance that is susceptible to cracking if it has not been sealed correctly. While we offer some concrete demolition, repair, and installation services, we know that concrete is capable of withstanding the test of time if it has been maintained appropriately. It is essential to care for commercial concrete during the winter to avoid many different issues. Read on for a maintenance and care guide for your commercial concrete during the winter!

Why You Have to Maintain Commercial Concrete During the Winter

Winter can be very harsh on commercial concrete surfaces. Whether you’ve got a concrete parking lot, preparing it for the winter season is vital. Now that temperatures have dropped and water can freeze, this can apply pressure to your commercial concrete, resulting in some unsightly cracking. If your commercial concrete is frequently thawing and unthawing during the winter, this might result in considerable damage.

Seal Up the Commercial Concrete Consistently

You will want to invest in concrete sealing quite regularly, about every three to five years for topical sealers, while the penetrating sealers could be re-sealed in about ten years or so. If you have a penetrating sealer, you could test whether the concrete has to be resealed by pouring water onto it. If the concrete absorbs the water, then it is time to have it sealed. For topical sealers, you will know if a re-sealant is required when you start to notice cracks and pealing of the seal. 

Don’t Use Salt for Ice Prevention with the Commercial Concrete

For any commercial concrete, you will want to protect the concrete from incoming snow. However, you should also actively avoid using salt and other chemical de-icers from the commercial concrete. Chemical de-icers and salt could damage the concrete, which can then affect the lifespan of the concrete on your property. Instead, shovel off the snow and sprinkle the concrete with sand to ensure that the icy and slippery surface is avoided.

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