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Why Core Drilling Companies Love BIM

Why Core Drilling Companies Love BIM

Keep reading to learn more about the role of BIM in core drilling and other construction and remodeling processes.

Advancements in modeling, communication, and construction have given contractors a whole host of resources that can be used to improve and streamline their work. Building information modeling (BIM) is just one tool in a contractor’s arsenal, but is an invaluable asset that takes away a lot of the guesswork in some construction specialties. BIM is particularly useful for core drilling companies, giving them a clear and accurate roadmap for their projects. Core drilling companies and contractors in countless fields can utilize BIM to make their work faster, safer, and more efficient. This efficiency also serves building owners and other stakeholders. Keep reading to learn more about the role of BIM in core drilling and other construction and remodeling processes.

Core Drilling Companies Rely on Accurate Schematics

Concrete core drilling typically requires contractors to “fly blind,” trusting a series of measurements and schematics to give them an accurate picture of what lies within an opaque concrete slab. While there are many tools available to give contractors a clearer picture of what lies within a concrete slab, these professionals must also account for plans and additions from other trades. Core drilling companies must work closely with general contractors and those in the trades to ensure that each part of a project flows seamlessly together. Even one small mistake or miscalculation can result in delays, added expenses, and safety hazards. BIM gives core drilling companies and their peers the tools they need to create intricate 3D models, compare plans, and detect clashes in their schematics. BIM allows core drilling contractors to have up-to-date information about where, when, and how they should cut to facilitate the work of other trades.

BIM Helps Contractors and Stakeholders at Every Stage

BIM isn’t just helpful for core drilling. Electricians, plumbers, firestop contractors, and building owners can each benefit from BIM in their own ways. With this cutting-edge technology, contractors can detect potential issues before ever setting foot on the property. Proactive problem-solving helps minimize delays and extra costs, giving professionals the information they need to avoid complications before they can occur. Accurate schematics and open channels of communication and collaboration help everyone at every stage, and BIM revolutionizes the planning and troubleshooting processes.

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