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Photoluminescent Lighting Can Assist Building Occupants with Evacuation Route Detection

photoluminescent lighting

G&M Services professionally installs photoluminescent lighting to help guide building occupants through commercial building evacuation.

G&M Services professionally installs photoluminescent lighting to help guide building occupants through commercial building evacuation. Whether there’s an emergency within your commercial building due to a fire outbreak, power outage, or more – it’s critical to help your building occupants safely evacuate your building. The professional installation of photoluminescence lighting can help contribute to safe evacuations within a commercial building. If you’re torn between photoluminescent lighting and a battery-operated emergency lighting system, here’s what you should know.

Photoluminescent Lighting is Rechargeable 

Upon professional installation of photoluminescence lighting, you can rest assured that the lighting is continuously rechargeable and requires no batteries to ensure that it withstands the test of time. Photoluminescent lighting is continually charged by fluorescent or natural lighting contained within your building so that it’s always available in the event of a power outage. In comparison to electronically operated emergency exit systems, this particular type of lighting can potentially be more reliable.

Low Maintenance in Comparison to Battery-Operated Emergency Exit Lighting Systems

Photoluminescent lighting is low maintenance in comparison to electronically operated emergency exit systems. Electronically operated emergency lighting systems are required to undergo frequent maintenance and testing to ensure that they’re in working condition, per the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations found in NFPA’s Life Safety Code 101. 

Glows Brightly to Help Guide Exit Routes

Lastly, the installation of photoluminescent lighting can help illuminate an evacuation route and exit signs for building occupants in an emergency. An emergency can often disorient building occupants and make it difficult to comprehend complex evacuation routes posted alongside doors. This particular style of lighting can help guide a building occupant to safely exit your commercial building in the event of an emergency with relative ease. Are you interested in learning more about photoluminescent lighting? Contact G&M Services today!

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