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Photoluminescence Lighting Applications are Critical in Emergency Evacuations

photoluminescence lighting

Photoluminescence lighting can figuratively, and literally, serve as a light in stairwells and hallways to guide building occupants to their nearest exit.

The installation of photoluminescence lighting is critical in commercial buildings, particularly in emergency evacuations when a building might lose power. Photoluminescence lighting can figuratively and literally serve as a light in stairwells and hallways to guide building occupants to their nearest exit routes and safety. While the concept of burning within a building fire is incredibly terrifying, the statistics speak for themselves: occupants within a building fire are more likely to die from smoke inhalation than the fire itself. As smoke clouds a building and quickly spreads, photoluminescence lighting can help provide building occupants with a clear guide to safety through their closest exit route.

Photoluminescence Lighting Doesn’t Require Power 

During an emergency evacuation, a fire may cause a commercial building to lose power or shut down out of safety measures. Backup lighting may potentially be rendered unusable due to power loss, and in these instances, billowing smoke may begin to cloud hallways causing them to appear pitch black. This can disorientate occupants within a building as they scramble to find an exit route to safety. Since photoluminescence lighting requires no power source, it serves as an emergency guide to provide building occupants with a glowing path to exit.

Glows Up to 48 Hours

Photoluminescent lighting glows up to 48 hours within blacked-out, smoky conditions. This can help firefighters navigate through a commercial building in which a fire has occurred after all building occupants have safely exited. Since photoluminescent lighting uses no power source, you can depend on it to function regardless of whether your commercial building has power. 

Requires Zero Maintenance

One of the biggest perks of photoluminescence lighting is that it requires zero maintenance after its installation. As a commercial building owner, this means that you do not have to worry about providing photoluminescence maintenance to your building. Instead, you can focus on ensuring that your facility remains up to state standards and regulations for all of your fire safety systems in place. 

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