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Ground-Penetrating Radar Can Detect What’s Beneath the Surface

Ground-penetrating radar, also called GPR, uses radio waves to capture images of what lies beneath numerous surface types. G&M Services branch, Concrete Visions LLC, offers our GPR Scanning Services to clients. Our GPR scanning services can locate rebar, metal conduits, plastic conduits, and stress/post-tension cables in concrete. We also offer 24/7 Emergency GPR Scanning to clients who need our services on an emergent basis. All of our field technicians have been adequately trained to use these tools, and we perform thousands of GPR scans on an annual basis. 

ground-penetrating radar

Our ground-penetrating radar scanning services can locate rebar, metal conduits, plastic conduits, and stress/post-tension cables in concrete.

Why Choose GPR? 

Ground-penetrating radar scans can produce real-time results. After a GPR scan has been performed, a field mechanic can send the image off to their supervisor to clean up the image. After the image has been cleaned up, the structural engineer and our client can review the results. Our scans can reach as deep as 24”, are utilized with no radiation, and are safer than an X-ray being performed. GPR is also a great option for companies who do not wish to disturb the natural beauty of their landscaping.

What Does GPR Detect?

Ground-penetrating radar can detect a wide range of items and can look through concrete slabs. GPR scans can detect rebar, metal conduits, plastic conduits, and stress/post-tension cables. GPR can also detect concrete and many other natural materials through its use of imagery. GPR can also be implemented on one side of a concrete slab without requiring access to additional sides of the concrete slab.

Pros of GPR 

There are many pros to using ground-penetrating radar. Primarily, GPR is cost-effective and a great non-invasive way of surveying a construction site or other area that needs to be imaged prior or during construction. You don’t need to dig, excavate, or disturb any soil while using GPR scanning because it can detect through so many surfaces. Since GPR uses no radiation, it is safe for use in public spaces and for people to be around during the surveying process. It can quickly detect objects and underground irregularities, providing ample opportunity to collect data on what lies beneath the surface of a project site.

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