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Air Barrier Contractor Basics

Air Barrier Contractor Basics

Let’s explore some of the basic benefits and best practices of working with an air barrier contractor.

Creating a building that can stand the test of time requires teamwork, expertise, and cutting-edge technology. Countless professionals must work together to ensure every aspect of a structure’s current and future needs is met, and an air barrier contractor should be part of this team effort. Air barrier contractors are among the unsung heroes in construction, working hard to keep buildings efficient and safe for the years ahead. Let’s explore some of the basic benefits and best practices of working with an air barrier contractor.

What Does an Air Barrier Contractor Do?

In order to find the best air barrier contractor for the job, it’s helpful to know what exactly these professionals do. An air barrier contractor is typically responsible for creating a shield that limits airflow between a building’s exterior and interior. Air barriers, vapor barriers, and other tools are used to create a building envelope that protects a structure’s interior from the elements. Like any other contractor on a worksite, an air barrier contractor must work with other involved parties to ensure that their plans don’t interfere with designs from different trades and specialties.

Benefits for Buildings

Without preventative measures like a robust building envelope, some materials can lose integrity or present health and safety hazards over time. Condensation introduces significant complications for buildings. An effective air barrier can help limit moisture accumulation within a structure, which is crucial for preventing mold growth and structural issues. Buildings with high-quality air barriers boast greater energy efficiency, decreased heating and cooling costs, and a lower risk of mold and rot buildup. These benefits underscore the fact that air barrier contractors are essential for the health of buildings and their inhabitants.

Why a Qualified Air Barrier Contractor is Crucial

Like other construction specialists, air barrier contractors need to know their stuff. When air barrier materials are installed incorrectly or are mixed and matched, the barrier as a whole can become ineffective. A poorly designed or installed air barrier can be useless, allowing the free transfer of air between a building’s interior and exterior. While these problems may not present hazards immediately, they can lead to major issues in the future. Organizations like the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) work with contractors and other stakeholders to raise industry standards, resulting in safer and more efficient buildings. Choosing an air barrier contractor that is ABAA certified (like G&M Services) gives construction professionals and property owners the assurance that the work performed meets a strict set of standards.

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