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How to Prevent Injuries Due to Heat Stress

How to Prevent Injuries Due to Heat Stress

Check out this guide for preventing injuries due to heat stress.

Many professionals in numerous industries are required to work outside in various weather conditions, including extreme cold and high heat. Both conditions can be quite stressful on the body and even dangerous to your health. As we approach the summertime, it’s important that professionals understand how they can remain safe while working in the sun. Check out this guide for preventing injuries due to heat stress.

Heat Disorders

The first step in preventing injuries from heat stress is understanding the types of disorders and illnesses you are susceptible to when working in the heat. It’s important to ensure safety in the heat, so you will need to be able to recognize some of the symptoms of heat stress. These include fatigue, lack of concentration, dizziness, and problems with balance. The blisters of a heat rash are easily visible on the skin while you’ll immediately feel the painful muscle spasms of heat cramps, which are caused by dehydration. One of the most serious conditions that come from heat exposure is exhaustion, which can lead to a heat stroke. The symptoms of exhaustion and stroke include headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion, rapid pulse, and loss of consciousness.


Heat stress prevention is a matter of controlling the temperature of the environment and maintaining adequate hydration. If possible, use portable fans and air chillers to bring down the temperature of the environment. If that’s not possible, then exposure should be limited and frequent breaks from the heat should be taken. The breaks should be taken in cooler settings, and heavy work should be scheduled during the coolest parts of the day — in the mornings and evenings. Workers should drink plenty of water and electrolyte liquids to replenish all that is lost in sweat; at least one cup every 15 to 20 minutes. Clothing should be breathable, loose fitting, and lightly colored. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration maintains regulations for safely working in the heat. They even feature an app that helps calculate the heat index on any day.

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