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Top of Wall Firestop

In the areas where floor assemblies and wall assemblies meet, gaps are created that leave the possibility of fire, gasses, and smoke entering the area. Effective top of wall firestopping offers reliable protection in the case of an emergency by filling these gaps in with a fireproof compound, which prevents the passage of harmful elements between floors.

At Firestop, we provide quality top of wall firestop services. We are a division of G&M Services, which provides concrete coring, drilling, and sawing services, while Firestop specializes in the installation of firestop products.

When you need a reputable firestop company, trust Firestop to get the job done right. We are an FM4991 approved contractor and our skilled technicians receive ongoing safety and equipment training to ensure that they are always at the cutting edge of industry best practices. We offer top of wall firestop services throughout Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia.

Top of wall firestop is necessary for proper fire protection

Top of wall firestop is a necessary component of your building’s fire resistance. It fills in the gap that is left between floor and wall assemblies and, in addition to fire protection, also offers superior acoustical sealing which greatly cuts down on noise disturbances.

Correct firestop installation is required for reliable fire safety

When choosing a firestop contractor, it is important to go with a company that is knowledgeable about and experienced with proper firestop installation procedures. Top of wall firestop installation is a complex process that requires a detailed understanding of correct practices.

Our experienced Field Mechanics have been with us for an average of 5 years, so they understand every aspect of top of wall firestop installation. Their extensive training gives them the ability to solve problems on the jobsite as they arrive, ensuring your project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

At Firestop, safety and quality are our biggest concerns

We take safety seriously at Firestop. We are a member of the Firestop Contractors International Association, the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Associations, The National Safety Council, and we are also an FM4991 approved contractor through FM Global. The safety of our team members, as well as others in the field, is important to us, which is why we offer continual safety training to all our employees.

Our Field Mechanics are given the opportunity to earn quarterly and annual bonuses for good safety records, and they are offered frequent opportunities for continuing professional development, including:

  • Weekly Toolbox Talks
  • Mandatory monthly safety training
  • Training on equipment and industry best practices

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