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Slab Edge Firestop

Slab edge firestop provides a crucial element of fire protection to your property. The perimeter slab edge is often vulnerable to the passage of fires, gasses, and smoke in between rooms and floors, so this element of fire protection is an important requirement.

At Firestop, a division of G&M Services, we are experienced firestop installers who will ensure your safety during every step of the installation process. Our Field Mechanics adhere to strict safety standards and are required to attend ongoing professional development to ensure their adherence to safety best practices. We provide slab edge firestop installation throughout Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

Slab edge firestop adds a crucial layer of fire protection to your building

Curtain edge walls generally are not required to be fire rated, so slab edge perimeters are considered an extension of the floor slab’s fire-resistance rating. By firestopping gaps and/or joints between the curtain wall’s backpan and floors, the movement of gasses, smoke, and fire between floors will be slowed.

Proper installation of firestop products is crucial for ensuring safety and efficacy

Firestop products require detailed knowledge to install properly and the consequences of improper installation can be dire, leading to danger to life and limb in the event of a fire or other emergency. It is important to work with an experienced slab edge firestop company in order to trust that the job will be done to your satisfaction. At FireStop, our company safety standards go above and beyond industry standards because we take safety seriously and strive to provide the most professional service available.

We offer ongoing training and development to our employees to ensure that they are always on the forefront of emerging industry safety trends. We require monthly safety training meeting attendance and offer training on scissor lift usage, safety best practices, and safe work methods. In addition, we offer incentives to employees for good safety records on both a quarterly and annual basis.

Our experienced slab edge firestop installers will provide quality work in an efficient and professional manner, leaving the job site in the same state they found it.

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