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The Dangers of Speeding

The Dangers of Speeding

Speeding, especially when there is a construction site nearby, is incredibly dangerous.

Speeding, especially when there is a construction site nearby, is incredibly dangerous. Speeding is not only dangerous for whoever is operating the vehicle, but for every other person or vehicle around them. Unfortunately, many speeders don’t realize how dangerous their activities are until it’s too late.

Why Is Speeding So Dangerous?

Speeding goes beyond simply accelerating past the posted speed limit, but also includes dangerous driving activities like driving at a high rate of speed during periods of poor weather or poor visibility. Obviously, speeding can carry a financial penalty with it as well, if a police officer or camera catches you in the act.

Speeding is Deadly

In straightforward terms, the biggest danger that speeding carries with it is the risk of death. There are almost 40,000 speed-related traffic fatalities every year in the United States. Some of these accidents occur on the highway; while others occur in small suburban communities where the speed limits are lower. Some of these deadly accidents also include cars who did not take posted signs about curves and objects in the roadway seriously.

The Dangers of Speeding

Why is speeding such a dangerous thing for drivers and those around them?

  • During a high-speed crash, vehicles cannot handle the impact of the crash. The higher the speed, the less likely airbags and seatbelts are to work properly
  • Braking distances are intuitive, as doubling your speed actually quadruples your braking distance. As a result, many speed-related crashes occur due to poor education on how long it takes to slow down a car
  • A driver who is speeding also puts other drivers at risk, as their perception of the car’s speed may be flawed, so they make a maneuver they would not otherwise make
  • Reckless driving is against the law, and you can pay steep court fines as a result

Safety from G&M Services

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