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Lifting Safety Measures for Securing Heavy Loads

Lifting Safety Measures for Securing Heavy Loads

Regardless of your industry, securing heavy loads properly is essential to the safety of your staff and the loads themselves. How can you ensure lifting safety?

Regardless of your industry, securing heavy loads properly is essential to the safety of your staff and the loads themselves. Even if you don’t have many items to store that are individually heavy, the combined weight of them when stored can damage shelving and workers if you aren’t careful.

How to Secure Your Shelving

Before you can start securing heavy loads on shelving, you need to determine what you need to be stored. Is it a collection of smaller materials that will be carefully organized on the shelving or large separate items? Determining what you need to store will help you to choose the best shelving and fasteners for the job. When securing heavy loads, you can decide between multiple types of shelving including wire shelving designed for lighter weights, steel shelving for heavier loads, and pallet racks that can hold even the heaviest items.

Next, you need to choose shelving brackets that can properly support the weight. Choose models designed to hold amounts higher than what you plan on setting on them. What material is the wall you will be placing the shelving on made of? If it is concrete or stone, you should use hardware designed to work with them. Always follow manufacturer instructions for mounting shelves to ensure they properly secure heavy loads.

Where Will the Shelving Go?

Properly stacking the shelves is also important when securing heavy loads. While following lifting safety procedures, you should make sure shelving does not block any exits, entrances, doorways, or passageways. Your storage should also hold all of the things that you need to store and not leave anything hanging out or protruding. Heavy loads need to be placed on the lowest level of your shelving and lighter loads should be placed on the top. Never put anything near the edge of the shelves. Instruct workers in how heavy loads are shelved so that they know where to place the heaviest items and how to lift them properly.

Construction and Lifting Safety from G&M Services

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