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Construction Safety: Protecting Your Hands During Winter

construction safety

Gloves are vital to protecting your hands during the winter months.

Construction safety is important 365 days a year, but it can be especially important during the winter, when there are weather hazards almost everywhere you turn. Working on cold job sites can present unique problems to construction workers, and keeping your hands warm is one of the most important keys to staying safe. Without proper work gloves, you lose the hand dexterity needed to work safely. Here are some tips for choosing the right winter handwear to keep you safe.

Stay Dry to Stay Warm

Staying dry is key to staying warm during the winter. If you know that you will be coming into contact with water while doing your job, make the appropriate construction safety glove choice and pick something that has a waterproof membrane. If you aren’t going to encounter water, it still isn’t a bad idea to wear a pair of gloves that have a light waterproofing, just in case there is some unexpected ice or snow on your route.

Use Thinsulate

While we don’t like to name drop, Thinsulate is the best material on the market for your gloves if you are looking to stay dry and warm. It works well up to blow 20 degrees and isn’t so thick that you can’t properly do your job. Thinsulate is great for construction safety because it uses many thin layers of polymers to keep whatever is inside warm and wicking properties to keep your hands dry.

Don’t Forget Your Fingertips!

We lose heat at our extremities before we lose heat in our core, so insulating fingertips and toes should be a top priority. If you choose inexpensive and low quality winter work gloves, heat will escape along the seams and ends of the gloves, leaving your fingertips cold and construction safety forgotten. Pick a pair of gloves with extra insulation along the fingertips and you will stay warm and dry.

Choose G&M Services for Your Concrete Construction Safety Needs

G&M Services trains our employees in the countless ways there are to stay safe working in any and all weather conditions. We understand how dangerous our important work with concrete can be, and we take safety precautions every minute of every day to prevent anything bad from happening. We offer many different services to our valued clients, including concrete drilling, concrete scanning, and FireStop. For more information on our services, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 787-8828. For more safety tips and interesting articles, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn.