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4 Uses for Recycled Concrete

4 Uses for Recycled Concrete

Even though you may have decades of experience in working with concrete, you might not know that it can be recycled.

Even though you may have decades of experience in working with concrete, you might not know that it can be recycled. Like excess wood, concrete can be reused again instead of being left to break down on its own or disposed of once it has outlived its usefulness. By taking advantage of concrete recycling, you can help do your part to ensure your company is environmentally-friendly. Let’s find out more about this concept!

The Recycling Process

Before we continue, it’s a good idea to stop and examine the process of recycling concrete. The concrete left over after a building is demolished after roads are dismantled, and after sidewalks are deconstructed, they must be taken to a specialized concrete recycling facility. Grinders are then used to break the concrete down into smaller, more manageable pieces. After that, the individual sections are sorted. Any larger pieces still intact are put through the grinders again until they finally break down. Magnets are also used to pull out any stray lengths of rebar. Water is then used to clean and decontaminate everything before it is returned to circulation.

Concrete Aggregates

One example of what comes next is a stack of aggregates. The cement cannot be removed, but it can be mixed with other building materials such as sand and gravel to help keep costs down. 

Road Gravel 

Another example is road gravel. This gravel is supposed to form a sub-base layer before any roads can be built on top of it. Recycled gravel is often used instead of brand new gravel to reduce the amount of wasted material.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Landscaping and hardscaping features also benefit from this process. This technique helps protect the soil, prevent the effects of erosion, and add more curb appeal to boot.  

Retaining Walls

Finally, the concrete can be used again to build a brand new retaining wall on your property. Mesh boxes known as gabions are meant to support the walls or form the foundation of the walls themselves. Recycled concrete can be used in place of rocks and large stones, which also decreases time lost to extra labor. 

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