Photoluminescence 101: Light-Up Exit Signs

As part of our ongoing efforts to maximize safety and minimize incidents, this week we wanted to discuss the importance of proper light-up exit signs and other emergency directive signage. Photoluminescence is a great technology that allows for crucial safety benefits in the event of emergency. Let’s dive a little deeper into each one in this week’s blog post.

Fire Safety Photoluminescent Light-up Exit Signs

Light-up exit signs like this one are hugely important for orderly evacuation in case of emergency.

What is Photoluminescence?

It’s a pain to pronounce and to type, that’s what it is. But in all seriousness, it’s actually a fantastic technology that has saved countless lives in emergency fire situations. The great thing about photoluminescence (more commonly known as “glow in the dark”) is that it can light up exitways amidst smoke and debris without worrying about it racking up your energy consumption. Here’s how it works.

Photoluminescent material is full of phosphors, which, when exposed to light throughout normal operations, absorb light energy (photons). That light energy excites the phosphor molecules, effectively storing energy. As the molecules release the light energy they’ve stored, they emit that glow that we’re all familiar with.

Applications of Photoluminescence

Now that we understand photoluminescence a little bit better, let’s talk about how it can help us in daily life. We’re introduced to glow-in-the-dark technology at a very young age, starting with the glow-in-the-dark stars that adorn many a childhood bedroom ceiling. We’re sure you’ve encountered photoluminescence at some point in your life, but here at G & M Services, we’re focused on light-up exit signs. Photoluminescent exit signs light up exit pathways when sight is obstructed, whether by smoke from a fire or darkness from a power outage. It doesn’t stop at signs though — the technology can also be applied to floor strips or arrows that can direct occupants to an exit or outline stairs. All without drawing any of your building’s energy supply, light-up exit signs illuminate the path to safety.

Illuminating Safety with G & M Services

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