How to Get Out: Exit Signs for Different Environments

Exit signs

Exit signs are not always the same.

Exit signs are not always the same. Despite what you may think, not all exit signs are designed for the same environment. Sometimes they’re not always designed for the same purpose.In this blog, we will discuss all the different exit signs for different environments. What does that mean? Read on to find out more!


Exit Signs for Cold Environments

Sub-zero temperatures are frequently common all across the country. From Alaska to Maine, winter can be an immensely cold environment. Working exit signs become even more critical during extremely low temperatures. Remember, emergencies are far more likely to happen during poor weather. In harsh temperatures such as this, both federal and state governments require emergency utilities and services to be in operable condition.


An exit sign that is powered by AC or utility power can also survive severely freezing temperatures. Battery-powered exit signs, however, might fail in these extreme conditions; cold batteries might not work when it gets too cold outside. However, all is not lost when this happens. Certain models of exit sign are built to last even against -40 degree fahrenheit weather. They can also come equipped with battery heater functions to protect battery operation in severely cold temperatures. Thus, anyone still in the building when a power outage or other emergency happens can still stay safe.

Exit Signs for Rainy Environments

Whether on the east coast or on the west, rainy environments are just as common as cold ones across the nation. Seattle and Miami come to mind, especially outdoor parts of businesses in these cities. Water is another hazard to consider in these cases. Water can ruin the sign’s electric wiring and cause a necessary replacement. Damp indoor locations, such as swimming pools or factories, will need Damp Location signs, while Wet Location signs exist for outdoor locations as well. If high pressure hoses are in use around these signs, prevent possible water damage to them. These signs would need to have NEMA ratings designed for this purpose.

Exit Signs for Sports or Outdoor Environments

Signage and other such emergency utilities can be damaged quite easily. Basketballs, bottles, or other projectiles can damage signs so badly they will need replacing. Also, Vandal-Resistant signs exist. These signs are built in such a way that they are difficult to disassemble without special tools. This helps them withstand impact damage and vandalism damage. Moreover, they are virtually unbreakable, as well.

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